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tv   [untitled]    September 17, 2014 8:30am-9:01am PDT

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agreeable to it and we could advertise if you want to get to the opera on time and you are willing to give us an extra five or 10 bucks we'll make sure the driver's know about it and so in response to some of the questions i heard by board members -- credit cards if we have drivers on a monthly basis accept 4000 plus dollars from credit cards some drivers take zero and the reason is simple they are un informed and greedy and petty and short cited and it's our job to make sure they are not and teach them inform them and of course if they are punitive ways of making them understand that would be helpful coming from you okay? dispatch. in august
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of last year, 2013, yellow cabs fleet did 672 2 thousand metered rides we have these statistics this year we did 670 thousand more or less not a major drop but our business has has has been steady we get 120 thousand calls a month these days unfortunately 25 percent of the of the people that call us never see a cab in this day and age and to me that's an unacceptable rate and for various reasons people give us the wrong address decide to walk but 25 percent is is not
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we need carrots and sticks and need your help we can do it we're trying to do it. okay? thank you. >> thank you. . >> jim margolis. >> medallion holder with yellow cab since 1977. just on levelling the playing field i know that we're speaking about what we can do in the taxi industry about levelling the field for example with the credit cards and making drivers what we can do is have them accept credit cards i know where we're disadvantaged because the credit card isn't right at the beginning where the the people can walk out but people are using credit cards now. i wanted to talk about the levelling the playing field so levelling the playing field there's a certain amount we can do -- we're not against
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the tnc's being around but the major thing about levelling the playing field is dealing with legal issues seems to me being a lawyer, the issue of how many of these can operate at one time? and how much they can charge they can charge anything they can go above what cabs or below and they can
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operate as many as they want there's nothing in the state law that prohibits that and the state law of course is flawed we think because of the whole issue of on demand versus prearranged and the cpuc chose to say that the state it's like somebody coming in the old days with the camera business. he he just lowers his rate on the cost of film drives the guy out and these guys can charge as much as they want and that's not a level playing field. those are major issues and yes, cab drivers have to do a better job of picking up hunter 's point and aps being professionals most of them are but those 2 things about the
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number of vehicles and the amount they can charge are disastrous and taken on by the state and unfortunately our mayor, who says he supports both the cab industry and new vehicles has chosen to write a letter to the state saying to the cpuc saying -- the state regulating it that's the first time i've ever heard of a mayor . >> time. >> thanks again. i do think that a person -- first of all i appreciate all yourment your comments and questions i do think promoting an industry wide ap is important and critical and something director heinicke brought up what may be
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happening one or two of the larger companies may have the idea instead instead of cooperating with the industry they think their own ap is better and i'd suggest to those companies that they first support the citywide ap in the industry and then they can augment it and the next thing i want to say director heinicke again pointed out it's it's the supply of interested buyers for the medallion i think it's a little bit of a false indicator as to whether or not the industry is healthy and i don't mean to stereotype but for example if a young immigrant driver comes into the industry as a new as a new driver he has to buy a medallion so as long as the amount of extra money whether he leases to a cab company is an offset can
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be below 11 $1,100 a month it would be a wise decision he will engineer himself a quarter of a million dollars so again my earlier speech it would make the sales program much more robust if you would make it attract ive you will make a lot more money as an agency a medallion is not worth fifty $50,000 unless someone buys it. there's a case pending in front of the california supreme court challenging michael's 's pv's decision the nature of an ap dispatch call is prearranged in nature as opposed to being on demand that determines the jurisdiction so if our side
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prevails in this argument and it's ruled that there was a mistake in it, as well as the tnc's are using these ap calls it would then be under your jurisdiction and i can see we could craft as an industry some kind of hybrid policy to determine the conditions and rules and limitations such as no price gouging for example and possibly these vehicles would sort of be a big time augmentation because there's times when we can't get to all the calls thank you. >> i'm barry corn gold with the san francisco taxi worker's a alliance and i am really appalled that you know, you guys are still collecting fees
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you know making us follow any kind of any kind of rules or requirements when you just let people buy a pink mustache do the exact exact another thing is
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i thing there's a lot of people in the city do try to find the cab first if they can find it but the other thing is there's not enough taxi stands so the cabs can park there and
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people can't find a cab because there's there's no cab so that's why there's no connection you need to make more taxi stands all over city where the cabs can park regularly and maybe some kind of light on and hit the buzzer and it would light up and make a sound at the same time and the cabs in the area could hear or maybe some wireless signal could go to them so it's like no connection so you have to work towards that. >> thank you. >> mr. sun is the last person -- maybe not. if anyone else wishes to turn in a speaker card, please do so now. >> thank you again mark gruberg and i want to point out a couple of things not to point
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fingers because there's enough blame to go around and in fact much of what is happening here in the taxi industry is beyond the not that long after that.
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joo. >> >> sgroo. >> speaker: last year -- we're
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not getting that back most of it is going into your general fund there's a driver fund that has 3.8 $3.8 million in it comes out to about $500 per driver and it's only augmented at 10 at $10,000 a month 120 thousand per year which is $15 per driver and you can see that money that money isn't going to go far and we must have an enhancement of the driver fund the main source of funding was cut out by this board a couple of years ago. thank you
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>> thank you. >> mary maguire and maguire. >> mary maguire i don't know why you don't have the numbers i don't know how you can you can do that. at any rate the demand for services is clearly there but just think of the money you could have made from the medallion sales program the millions of dollars that i think won't be there because the cab companies are really reluctant to take new medallions now and as for the drivers that purchased already every month -- it's getting to the point if they can't pay back these loans to the credit union you have to consider what's going to happen when they start defaulting? so you should just eliminate all
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payments to the mta at this point. okay. there's a lot of new come ers to the town that have never used a taxi so we do need to promote our service and response time we can't compete with billions of dollars of google we can't match their prices but believe it or not not everyone in san francisco prefers them native san franciscans all prefer taxis and people love fly wheel the response time is better and we don't put dogs in the trunk like they do and tnc's at the airport go out to the top deck and take a look around i challenge you take a look around there there will be five or six of them within a period of 2 minutes or dropping off. taxi ramps you
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are kidding right? i don't have time to go into that but the advertising of our industry and the promotion i feel we need to compete with them to give it a more youthful look is there any money left in the barbary coast -- channel 26 -- how about some profiles of cab drivers in the industry we've got a lot of talent and that's free advertising. please don't spend don't spend this on another study i beg you. barry is right the way they advertise these things there's a lot of pop up stuff so it comes on facebook and a lot of last minute information too. it would be good if we could do that and my last thing
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i tell them i don't drive for uber is because i'm a professional driver and as i tell them my gps is in my head. >> good afternoon thank you very much. mr. sun i'm with yellow cab i want to congratulate the board as bringing on kate as the new director let me quickly go go to the fact that we're both in support of the staff recommendation on item number 12 why not mandate? we clearly believe mandating is useful but wait wanted to say you have got to follow up and we've mandated back seat monitor and see quite frankly a little bit short in terms of making sure that all cab companies meet the
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types of mandates we've adopted and you will see companies like yellow and luxor rapidly want to change and modify the way it works i think the cab companies right now now ought to be congratulated. we're maintaining the volume of service that we provide. unfortunately, we have to pay 250 $250,000 per cab and as mr. margolis said the rent a ride cars as i prefer to call them, at any given time and the city and county of san francisco we just don't know and when you put out 6, 7 thousand cars at a time what you find is you have 100 vehicles being operated by rent a ride companies competing against one cab company or one cab car so i think you need to
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keep in mind the volume that we're facing riet right now and in fact what we do is -- we are price fixed when these companies come in and do price cutting it's even more damaging than price surgerying price surging. we have a certain priced for fixed and it's not clear to me whether or not people prefer these but we continue to compound the myths that are out there about the responsiveness of taxi cab companies and we can get information out to the riding public that taxis are an important part of the public transportation system and i hope you will continue to provide support for that. it is important that not only do we look at the ability of cab
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companies to provide the service but i think some people have eluded to but make sure drivers understand that delivery of those services are paramount in the way in which we bring service to san francisco thank you very much. >> anthony ballister is the last person to turn in the speaker card. >> good afternoon directors. i was just going to sit down and not get up they lost. okay. i want to say something that's never been said i'm over here on my own i represent a union i'm supporting these guys back here i'm supporting the cab drivers and cab companies i see these vehicles people with cars they are not uber they are just
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cars they pull over they get to the right lane stop and look for people to pickup and these are illegal vehicles slow me down and i have to change lanes to get over to another lane and safety is the number one priority i'm here supporting them these people are giving us a hard time and as as far as the fly wheel that was advertised for fly wheel, about 2 months ago somebody said would you like to get there on time or do you want a bottle of water go to fly wheel and then as as far as the red lane their vehicles going down geary o'farrell and market i do 38 on week days tuesday and wednesday are my days off and these vehicles do
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travel down the the red lane and we have a camera new cameras that we have a drive cam button i hit that drive cam button and i hope it's making a difference. anyway, what they are dealing with we're dealing with also. thank you very much. >> thank you mr. ballister. >> i'm sure that's the last person who has turned in the speaker card. >> great thank you very much. we have called these two agenda items together i'd like to go ahead if there's no more discussion on item 12 which is an action item do i have a motion to approve? >> yes. >> all in favor say aye great that motion passes. now to wrap up or continue discussion on any further input on item 11
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sounds like definitely enforcement not just the red lanes we talked about but the tncs using taxi stands all types of enenforcement is going to be an issue i also want to call out an e-mail was sent out regarding the cpuc public hearing coming up so if the drivers here were not aware of that i do encourage you to check your e-mail or check in in on that hearing that's coming up i believe september 18th. mandating an ap is interesting seems like it definitely deserves more discussion sounds like it's within our purview to do would you like to comment on that briefly mr. riskin or shelve
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that. >> i'm happy to comment. we made a shift i don't know maybe 6 months or so ago when it appeared that essentially the private sector was going to do the job of something close to what we were aiming to do with electronic taxi access. i think we have fly wheel that has 80 percent of the taxis as which is pretty significant. there are very few left that are not ap accessible. i don't see a reason why we wouldn't want to mandate that and to one of the public comment er's, comments make -- i don't think there's a reason to to do that i'll take responsibility for not having advanced that to this point. i think as we saw the growth and
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that's something that i did not follow up on so we can we can do that as well as following up there has been as the last speaker mentioned there has has been promotion that we'll look towards as well as continuing to strengthen the enforcement and i think the county of the collaboration with the pd and parking control officers as well as the cpuc i think there's a lot more we can do we can do for that we will look at the credit card non use fine as well as getting event information to drivers and i like the idea of the research -- the study that mr. rathbone mentioned during general public comment while i think there's a lot of questions about some some of the methodology but they did ask that question i
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don't recall what the sample size was but we have some of that data and i think one of the issues was ease of payment and so as mr. corn gold pointed out if people are using an an ap that issue becomes a non issue which the the board suggests maybe better promotion is part of the solution here but we'll look in our survey to see if there's more or better information we can get and why people are making the choices they are making. >> thank you. i'll take the opportunity to bang my drum again. i'm unclear i'm assuming that's a moving violation that would go on the driver's license but we do have cameras on most of the buses so i think it's on the legislative
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agenda although it's a state matter to be able to ticket vehicles moving in a in a transit lane i think we can ticket vehicles moving in a transit lane correct. >> correct. >> so bus stops transit only lanes for fixed vehicles we can do otherwise we're relying on the police department to enforce the moving violations. >> that would be another great one to continue to pursue at the state level i agree i'm not sure how we would have the level of enforcement available to keep the vehicles from moving in those red lanes that's all i have directors anything else you would like to bring up director heinicke? >> thank you let me just start by complimenting the industry. it's not lost on us that this is a tough time for you all and and i think it's important to say


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